MEGAMAR was founded in 1998 to cater the interior and exterior construction service within the residential,

commercial, hospitality, retail, education, and healthcare sectors. We deeply focus on the interior and exterior design and construction. Over the past years, MEGAMAR has earned a reputation for consistently delivering a quality product, on time, on budget and up to our client’s expectations.
Additional capabilities have been added to the company to include technical assistance and support, installation, maintenance of projects and systems, and design of systems.

About Us

We are one of the most specialist company in the InteriorDesign, Lighting and Accessories .Also specializes in finish up all kinds of architectural buildings Such as residential buildings , Commercial Businesses , Educational and Entertainment Buildings.


Projects done by the assistance of a group of experienced architects, the company has a high adequacy in the designing business and also has the ability to achieve posing (equipoise) between both the functional and the beautification (embellish mental) side.


To make sure that all the work is done in highly adequate level by cooperating with large groups of skilled and experienced workers in this business also by using the best raw materials.